Goat Milk Brush Shampoo

In the past few weeks and months, it has come to our attention from many Industry Heads, Brand Owners and Top Makeup Artists, that our Original Goat Milk Brush Shampoo surpasses any other brand. London Brush Company uses only the best and premium ingredients and the results are evidently noticed by everyone who loves it.


To celebrate this information, we are giving a one week 20% discount on Goat Milk Natural Brush Shampoo.

So.. Enjoy the best for less, for one week.


To obtain your discount, at checkout please enter the words: Brush Shampoo Celebration 

Our nouVeau Vegan Makeup Brushes continue to astound our customers

Vegan Makeup Brushes by London brush Company. The nouVeau Collection
As you may or may not know, LBC is the brand with a no compromise attitude to quality. Our Founder Siân Richards enjoys creating products that make makeup easy and that you will love.
Today we focus on our Vegan Collection nouVeau because we have had clients not believing that the hair is not real. Siân sourced the hair for these brushes for over a year to ensure that she could create a Vegan Collection that would be comparable in quality and softness to the much beloved Classic Real Hair Collection.
Top Makeup Artists love the nouVeau Collection. James Vincent is a big Fan, as is Anthony Merante,  Melissa Street, Nicki Ledermann, David Hernandez, Jan Sewell.. The collection is new and the army of fans grows daily.
Please note that there is no real animal hair in our Vegan collection. All the hair is man made and hypo-allergenic..
And as a Brand leader in making chemical free cleaning products, we created Vegan Brush Shampoo to care for Vegan brushes. As yet, no other brand makes this because we are the originators of this product and have reason to think outside of the box! And we are proud to bring you yet another Original quality product. Enjoy!!

Welcome to the all new United Kingdom and Europe Website!

Hello Everyone,

After much anticipation, the UK website is now open.

We have loved building this site for Siân's homeland and we hope that you will love it as much as we do

We've made the site as user friendly as possible so that customers can get a great and simple overview of our products when deciding what to order.

Industry professionals can apply for our London Brush Co Pro industry programme available to Makeup Artists, Makeup Students and Bloggers (audiences 100,000 and up). Apply for your 30% discount here.

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This news section will be the place to come to for all news and information on sales, events and any other business that we want to share with you.


We believe in reinstating the quality in products that appears to have been forgotten in the mass produced world we live in. We hope that you will love our products as much as we do in their creation and design.


Best Wishes

London Brush Company

How to Use our Wonderful Original Solid Brush Shampoo

Brush Shampoo is so easy to use and because we make it with the finest ingredients, it cleans your brushes quickly and effectively. A little goes a long way. All our Classic Brush Shampoos contain Tea Tree Oil for a little extra sanitization. Our Natural Brush Shampoo contains no essential oil for those requiring that option... And once again, we are ahead of the industry by being the first cosmetic brand to offer VEGAN Brush Shampoo in support of our Vegan collection of makeup brushes called nouVeau.

Brush Shampoo will remove:

  • Concealer
  • Lipstick
  • Foundation
  • Eyeshadow
  • Gel Liner
  • Mascara
  • Cream Blusher
  • Waterproof Gel Liner
  • Lip Tar
  • Skin Illustrator and other specialist and professional makeups



It's really simple to use.. You will need hot water - preferably running water to rinse with, paper towel, to squeeze out excess water... and around 10 minutes from start to finish!


Step One:

Get your dirty brushes and wet them in HOT water



Step Two:

Take your wet brush and swoosh it around in the pot to get soap on it, then work it through either through your fingers, palm of your hand or the top of your hand to get it properly clean.




Step Three:

Rinse thoroughly under hot water to remove all residue and make sure not to leave any Brush Shampoo on your makeup brush. For best results, we suggest a final rinse under hot running water.



Step Four:


Take a paper towel and press out excess water. Slide the brush through the paper, keeping it flat, so you reshape your brush as you go.


Leave your brush to thoroughly dry flat.