LBC Essentials

Great Makeup Brushes are just the first part. Caring for them so they last and stay in top condition is the second part.

In Siân's quest to bring back Classic quality we have beautiful Limited Edition Luxury Brush Organizers, washable and long lasting, storing your brushes safely and stylishly.

New to our Essentials are our Brush Cleaning Kits.. A one stop shop to all your cleaning needs.. Brush Hygiene is absolutely vital to avoid skin irritations and protect yourself and your clients, and in the spirit of all things clean, these kits are a Must Have item.

Brush Drying Racks makes drying and storage simple, and as the flat pack, they are travel friendly too without consuming too much space.

Brush Cocoons cradle and protect the shape of your brush after cleaning. Ours are nice and soft so that they do not damage our premium grade hair. One size does fit all.

We also have our Global Best Seller, Original Formula Solid Brush Shampoo. In Original Goat Milk and Vegan formula.

Made in USA