Makeup Brush Set: Bolt-On

We thought it would be a great idea to enable you to 'Bolt-On' 6 additional brushes to your Debut set when you wanted to, so here we have 6 brushes. A goat hair mini Kabuki, a goat hair fluff brush, 2 more eye shadow brushes made from real hair and a combo eyebrow grooming brush and comb with a mascara spoolie on the end. 


Kabukis are great for blending powder or bronzer, the shadow brushes are all fantastic for contouring or powder eye shadow, the goat hair fluff is great for flicking off any dropped shadow and the brow groomer keep all those brow hairs in check nicely and works really well if you use it after applying brow gel... and the mascara wand will separate your lashes when applying mascara - and can also be used with brow gel for the brows.


Brushes made in USA

please note that we will be reshooting this item.. Currently the only difference is that we added the double ended brow brush/comb combo and mascara spoolie, otherwise the other brushes are the same.