Makeup Brush Set: Last Looks

As we say in movie making 'Last Looks' are the finishing touches of your makeup in the form of powder, blush and bronzer. This set gives you the diversity you need for perfect Last Looks1

Brushes in Set are from our NouVeau & Classic Collections

Classic Brushes - #13, #19

Ultra Luxe Blush Blender  
-     For delicate gradual powder, blusher and bronzer                                                     colour build up. Use with powder based makeup.

Luxe Powder Blender  -            For powder, blusher or bronzer. Use with                                                                   powder.

NouVeau Brushes - #12, #13, #14

Super Soft Blusher   -               For rapid colour application and blending. Use                                                           with powder or cream base makeup.
Super Soft Powder  -                For buffing and really working powder or cream                                                         makeup into the skin. Use with powder or cream                                                       based makeup.

Super Soft Wedged Contour  - For rapid contouring of cheekbones and jawline.                                                        Use with powder or cream based makeup.